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CTA. AHORROS SOLES: No193-20955160-0-26
CODIGO INTERBANCARIO: 002-193-120955160026-11
Francesca Montellanos Tacuri

CONTIAHORRO SOLES: No 0011-0333-28-0200398042
Francesca Montellanos Tacuri

CTA. AHORROS SOLES: No 087-3015291011
CODIGO INTERBANCARIO: 087-013015291011-48
Francesca Montellanos Tacuri



CTA. AHORROS DOLARES: No 087-3015291002
Francesca Montellanos Tacuri

CONTIAHORRO DOLARES: No 001-0749-02-0200017903
Francesca Montellanos Tacuri

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Our Brand Floristerías Los Claveles, identifies us for the exceptional service and excellent quality products that we offer to all our customers, we work along with expert designers and efficient and cordial staff that will provide you accurate information so you can express your best feelings through the charm and elegance of our flower arrangements.

Deliveries are performed with adequate experience, care, and punctuality, thus your flowers arrive on time as requested assuring complete warranty and absolute satisfaction from our excellent service.

Ask about our advantageous corporation and personal credits, you can receive gifts, special offers and exclusive discounts as frequent clients.

We offer National and International Service, so your flowers will arrive wherever you choose, in the shortest period of time with total Warranty and Satisfaction.

Floristerías Los Claveles, supported by Peruvian Florists Group, is an organization which is dedicated to provide the best service and complete satisfaction with fine flowers and more. Since 1930.

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Call us to phone number 511- 471-6099.

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