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Floristerías Los Claveles loves to please its customers, the most important factor for us is customer satisfaction. We provide the following commonly asked questions which might answer your concerns.

If your questions are not in the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us at , we will be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions.

1. In which countries can you perform deliveries?

Through our network you can send flowers everywhere around the world. We are members of one of the principal international organizations that send flowers internationally; we are proud members of FTD INTERNATIONAL and TELEFLORA INTERNATIONAL, besides other affiliated florists in Florida USA.

2. Which days can you perform deliveries?

We perform deliveries every day of the year even Sundays and holidays. Those orders for Sundays or holidays will be delivered only if the order was placed with at least one day in advance.
During high demand seasons such as Mother’s Day deliveries will take place throughout the day, in the order on which they were received.

3. Why should i trust you my order?

We are the largest florist chain and with more than 80 years of experience in Peru. Our main objective is complete customer satisfaction that is why our concern is that every flower arrangement is designed with the highest quality and freshness. If by any reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the flowers please contact us immediately and we will be more than happy to provide you with a solution. Furthermore we also offer other products besides just flowers, which can complement your orders. Our dedication aims to offer our customers complete satisfaction with what we do best: Flower arrangements.

4. Are there additional charges after completing my order?

All charges and fees are included once the order is placed, the only charged fee comes right before completing your order and it is the delivery fee, the Price varies depending on the delivery area. Orders outside Lima city (other Peruvian Cities) please contact by phone or by email:

5. How far in advance can i place an order?

Even though we receive orders for same day delivery, if you place and order before 12 am Eastern time, we suggest you place the order with at least one day in advance. During high demand seasons we suggest placing orders with at least one week in advance because sometimes due to the high number of orders we receive, we are forced to stop receiving new orders.

6. What are the forms of payment and in which currency are the prices?

Our prices are in US dollars, and do not include delivery charges. We accept major credit cards including: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you do not have a credit card and would like to send money orders through Western Union or MoneyGram please contact us at:, and one of our representatives will provide you help.

7. Is my shopping secure?

Absolutely 100%, we have standard security networks SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which means that when you write your personal information (name, credit card or debit card) it is not shared outside the website and secure while you are shopping online with us.

8. What are the steps to place an order?

Shopping with us is very simple! Just follow the steps below:

  • 1. Click on the image of the flower arrangement you like. Once you click on it another window will open showing an enlarged image of the arrangement you wish to send and a form to fill out which includes sender information and recipient information.
  • 2. Complete the form and fill out the requested information, then click on "continuar".
  • 3. Chosose the payment method of your preference and click on "continuar".
  • 4. A confirmation form will appear. If you agree with the information that will be shown, just click on "continuar" in order to complete your order.
  • 5. Shortly after completing your order you will receive a confirmation email regarding your recent transaction

9. I have trouble completing my order and i don't know what to do?

If there is any issue while you are completing your order, please contact us immediately to the phones provided on the website or with the online 24 hour customer service chat. One of our representatives will be in contact with you immediately and can take your order directly.

10. I have not received my order confirmation, why?

If after 10 minutes of having completed your order you have not received a confirmation email from us, please check the spam mail. If that is the case please mark the mail as wanted mail, just to make sure you receive all our emails. If you need us to send you again the order confirmation please email us at:

11. Can i cancel my order once it has been processed?

We will help you cancel your order if you let us know with 24 hours in advance. To cancel your order please contact us at, and include you order number.

12. How can I modify my order?

We are more than happy to help you modify your order if you let us know with at least one day before the delivery date. Changes during the day of the delivery can be made only if you contact us directly by phone and we will do our best to change it on time.

13. What if there is nobody at home by the time the order arrives?

It is very important that by the time the flowers arrive to their destination someone receives them because they require water in order to maintain their freshness and good shape.

If the recipient is not home when the flowers arrive, we will find a trustful work partner/neighbor that can guarantee to give the flowers to the recipient when he/she arrives home

14. What is your reimburse policy?

Our products are carefully designed by experts using fresh flowers and selected ítems of high quality, (pictures are just referential) we can provide and exchange or product replacement according to availability and florist interpretation in order to maintain the highest standard and good quality.

Floristerías Los Claveles assures you security and efficiency when it comes to deliveries within the city of Lima and all around the Peruvian territory. Furthermore, through our affiliated florists in United States and international memberships, we guarantee an Excellent Service and Complete Satisfaction when shopping with us. We appreciate your preference and value as a customer that is why our main objective if for you to feel comfortable and safe when shopping with Floristerias Los Claveles.

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Our Brand Floristerías Los Claveles, identifies us for the exceptional service and excellent quality products that we offer to all our customers, we work along with expert designers and efficient and cordial staff that will provide you accurate information so you can express your best feelings through the charm and elegance of our flower arrangements.

Deliveries are performed with adequate experience, care, and punctuality, thus your flowers arrive on time as requested assuring complete warranty and absolute satisfaction from our excellent service.

Ask about our advantageous corporation and personal credits, you can receive gifts, special offers and exclusive discounts as frequent clients.

We offer National and International Service, so your flowers will arrive wherever you choose, in the shortest period of time with total Warranty and Satisfaction.

Floristerías Los Claveles, supported by Peruvian Florists Group, is an organization which is dedicated to provide the best service and complete satisfaction with fine flowers and more. Since 1930.

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